Awards & Recognitions

Due to our innovative, economically and environmentally sustainable technologies, project solution and sharing knowledge are taking shape in real form, we have been awarded , appreciated ,mentored and encouraged by various organizations from time to time. Followings are few of them:

- Ashden Award-UK
- PCRA Award-India
- Santa Clara University-GSBI-USA-2007, GSBI Accelerator -USA-2013
- Winrock International-USA
- World Bank-USA
- European Environment Foundation-Germany
- ESU-Pau- France
- MyClimate-Switzerland
- Climate Care-UK
- Inspirenetwork-India
- TERI-India
- TIFAC-India
- New Venture India-India
- Better Future Initiative-USA
- Aalborg University-Denmark
- Global Alliance of Clean Cook Stoves-USA